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Feel the Benefits of Having Health and Energy

Wellness delivers less pain and debility, and allows for better function physically, mentally and emotionally.

Discover how being well, directly impacts on your level of joy and participation in life.

We offer you personalized healthcare to enhance your total well-being.

How would your life be better if you improved your health and well-being?

Your choice of Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Naturopathy


How Can We Help You?

Reset Your Digestive System

Help Relieve A Health Issue

Reduce Pain with Acupuncture

Assist You To Feel More Energetic

Help For Sleep, Stress Or Anxiety

We Focus On You

First and foremost, we treat you. We customize our approach for each patient regardless of what health imbalance you have. We aim to help alleviate the discomfort that comes with poor health; from general aches and pains and acute conditions, to complicated illnesses. We also aim to assist you in restoring healthy function necessary for illness prevention.

or call or text us directly on 0401525232

Our Health Services


Offers a drug free option for anyone wanting a treatment that is holistic in nature.


May help to relieve both acute and chronic health issues and has been shown to be effective in giving relief to many complaints eg: low back pain, allergic rhinitis, headache, migraine, knee osteoarthritis, see more

Allows an alternative level of understanding to how your body is functioning. This supports treatments focused on the underlying cause of your illness whilst still focusing on symptomatic relief.

Chinese Herbals

Thousands of years old, Chinese herbal medicine is one of the pillars of traditional Chinese medicine that looks at strengthening your entire well-being, not just treating the disease or symptoms alone.


All our herbs are sourced from only the best quality suppliers and prescribed in a manner that has your  safety at the forefront.


Our formulas are always prescribed "custom made" to help restore balance and body function that is specific to your individual requirements.


Recognizes that your body is intelligent and can have the capacity for self-regulation.  When correctly supported, the body tries to harmoniously express itself throughout all your body systems for achieving wellness.


Provides clear strategies for lifestyle changes to support healing of current health problems and supporting the prevention of illness.

Naturopathy is an extensive system of patient centered healthcare that correctly utilizes natural medicines to be non-toxic and supportive to wellness.


In a few easy clicks, make an appointment online to find out how we could improve your health and well being.


 30 Years of clinical experience at your service!

Experience can make all the difference .....

Our practitioners have spent 3 decades each honing clinical skills and observing patient outcomes for many different conditions.

We use our experience to full advantage to help you achieve good health and well-being.

Jean-Paul Staats

  • Acupuncture

  • Chinese Herbal Medicine

Special interests include:

  • Cancer support

  • Infections and immune

  • Autoimmune issues

  • Anxiety & sleep disorders

  • Pain Relief (acute and chronic)

  • Men's Health


Kristina Staats

  • Naturopathy

  • Western Herbalism Medicine

  • Nutrition

Special interests include:

  • Infections and immune

  • Gut disorders

  • Cognitive decline

  • Fatigue

  • Fertility & pregnancy care

Let's Get You Feeling Better


 In 4 Easy Steps...


Make an appointment online now or call/text us on 0401525232


At your appointment, we'll listen to you, ask a lot of questions, and then work out a strategy that is just right for you


You get on board with the treatments, changes and support


Feel the difference feeling good can make to your quality of life

Or Call us directly on 0401525232

Acupuncture Appointment

In a few easy clicks, make an "initial appointment" with Jean-Paul for acupuncture if you haven't been to our clinic before, or a "Standard Acupuncture" appointment if you have seen him before.

Brisbane Chinese herbal formula.jpg
Chinese Herbal Medicine Appointment

In a few easy clicks, make an "initial appointment" with Jean-Paul for Chinese Herbal Medicine if you haven't been to our clinic before, or a "Standard Herbal Medicine" appointment if you have seen him before.

natural cardiovascular treatment.jpg
Naturopathic  Appointment

In a few easy clicks, make an "initial appointment" with Kristina for Naturopathy if you haven't been to our clinic before, or a "Standard Naturopathy" appointment if you have seen her before.

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